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Why as a Member of Parliament?


My education (MA, MBA), my work career and my experiences on working in the council and municipal government give good qualifications to enter Parliament also for the fourth electoral period. I want to influence, and I believe in the future of the Tampere region and Finland. Politics is an endurance sport. We need motion.


A Member of Parliament needs to have a clear outlook on his motives. He cannot be a representative of only one matter, one municipality or one reference group.

The decisions have to be made with the whole in mind. When considering the solutions, one must ask, if this serves Finland and the Tampere region, if the decision will be sustainable also in the long term, and if we will get as big an advantage for as many as possible with the tax euros. We need stamina.


I believe in communality. Each of us can do something for Finland and for our home district and to pay it forward. "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country", John F. Kennedy reminded in his speech in January 1961. We need hope.

With kind regards,

Pauli Kiuru
Member of Parliament

Tel. +358 40 540 6937

Personal assistant to MP Pauli Kiuru:

Birgitta Myllymäki
Tel. +358 50 384 9365