Sports career

Ironman Hawaiji 1991. Kuva: Lois Schwartz / Competitor Magazine.

When I was younger I took part in the speed skating and athletics activities of Valkeakosken Haka. I also tried almost anything else: soccer, cross-country skiing, rowing etc. However, I found my own sport, triathlon, in 1984. I was a professional athlete through the years 1988 – 1998. My coach was Seppo “Nitti” Nuuttila.

Through my career I took care of my managing business myself: competition contracts, traveling arrangements, camps and cooperation agreements. Usually they belong to sports clubs, federations or managers, but there weren’t any established practices in the new sport. I received valuable work experience that has turned to my advantage also after my sports career.


Competition Year   Rank
Ironman Australia 1991
Ironman New Zealand1990 1
Ironman Germany 1990 1
 1991 1
Ironman Triathlon World Championship (Hawaii) 1990 3
 1992 3
 1993 2
Ironman Japan 1994 2


  • The European record in the Ironman race in 1991 (8 h 4 min 54 s)
  • The Nordic championships in 1988 and 1989
  • Ten Finnish championships
  • During the career 29 Ironman races, from which 17 medals
  • Open national championships: The Netherlands, USA, Sweden
  • The Finnish Sports Journalists’ Association has elected on the list of the ten best athletes in Finland four times (1990 – 1993)
  • Elected as the best triathlete in Finland 11 times (1987 – 1995)
  • The first male member of the Hall of Fame of the Australian Ironman in 1997
The Ironman race consists of 3,800 meters of swimming, 180 kilometres of cycling and 42.2 kilometres of running. You can also compete in triathlon with shorter distances.