I have always valued entrepreneurial line of action. It means a solution-based way of speaking and thinking, purposefulness and appreciating the expertise of others. Inner entrepreneurship means that a person acts with an entrepreneurial way without actually being an entrepreneur. They are people who recognize problems, begin to solve them and accomplish results together with others. Inner entrepreneurs can be found in homes, associations and working places. By using their own strengths these persons achieve a lot in their own reference groups. 

Ten years as a professional athlete and eight years of entrepreneurship tell about my own line of action. These years have taught me where money comes from, where it goes and how to make ends meet. You also need all-round education and a heart. My education background of humanities tells about the balance of my values. You must have clear goals, liking for work, ability to make decisions and endurance to survive the game. To succeed, Finland needs motion, stamina and hope!