It is difficult to evaluate oneself objectively. Therefore I quote extracts from my aptitude assessment:

  • Expresses himself clearly and in a business-like manner
  • Is fluent both orally and in writing
  • Is clearly competitive
  • Persevering worker, proceeds persistently towards a goal
  • Wishes for possibilities to influence
  • Takes up matters
  • Holds to what has been agreed
  • Wants to use his creativity
  • His personality has some seriousness, even characteristics of a sobersides
  • In stressful situations rationality strengthens
  • Unclear goals cause stress
  • Wants measurable goals
  • Participates actively and cooperates in a group situation

I recognize myself from this. I would be a sobersides if I would argue. In my opinion I also have a sense of humour.

"Kiuru" means skylark in English