Kokoomus in brief

The National Coalition Party is built on a base of common values

We value liberty and democracy, education, tolerance, and equal opportunity. We envisage a society that encourages individuality, balances between freedom and responsibility, and provides incentive for individual enterprise. The National Coalition Party supports the continuing development of democracy and embraces the inclusion and genuine participation of citizens in public decision-making.

The National Coalition Party believes in proactive and open-minded reform

We believe value questions warrant pluralism and underscore the significance of the individual conscience. The freedoms of individual thought and action as well as the rights of minorities are inalienable to the pursuit of liberty. We embrace the equality of opportunity as well as freedom of choice. The National Coalition Party strives to build the future by seeking solutions to societal faults with resolve and without prejudice. We trust that people do their best to recognize and correct their own mistakes.

The National Coalition Party endeavors to ensure the equal
availability of governemnt services and education

We work incessantly to provide for the elements of a good life and the pursuit of happiness. The neediest of us must always be looked after and cared for. We aim to advance educational and cultural enterprises while improving social security and the safety net for those in need.

The National Coalition Party treasures and defends tradition

We cherish the spiritual and material capital that our forebears have left us and firmly believe that it deserves to be preserved and passed on to the coming generations. The unwritten tradition is no exception. The crux of the thought and ideology of the National Coalition Party comprises of a continuing emphasis on the responsibility of our communities, the robust assessment our own ethics and moral foundations, and the upholding of patriotism while advancing internationalization and global responsibility.