Political theses



Finland needs motion. Welfare arises from work, education and entrepreneurship. The society needs to be encouraging. One’s own activeness, encouraging taxation and supports directed in a fair way maintain motion. The Tampere region needs to keep in motion, too. For example, the airport has to be developed and faster railway connections towards the Helsinki region must be accomplished.


We have to have stamina to fight against indifference, black economy and distributional policy. The history of Finland is the history of persistent and proud people. Global economy, however, challenges us to find new strengths. Clinging to the old ways shows lack of stamina.


The future will be made, and it can be affected. We have hope, if we want to struggle for good things. It is important both for an individual and the whole society that we take care of the weakest. The environment is our responsibility. I hope it will last also for the future generations. I have committed myself to the “one piece of litter a day” project. Big changes begin with small actions.